Three Words To Unlock Massive Writing Productivity

On October 29, 2022

We’ve all been there. You wake up, grab your phone, and start scrolling Twitter. Or Insta. Or Youtube. Or maybe all three, one right after the other. And time becomes this sped up thing and what was only supposed to be a two minute thing becomes a fifteen minute….twenty minute…an HOUR long thing!

Where did your time go? And why now do you feel so mentally gassed?

How come you’re not able to write at the end of your day?

In today’s episode, I break it all down! You’ll learn:

The three simple words that have me writing like never before!
Why task switching is so dangerous to our creative health.
And how to conquer huge time wasters so we can write more joyfully and be more productive.

This is an episode you cannot miss!

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