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The Prolific Writer Roadmap

The Prolific Writer Roadmap is a deep dive, step-by-step course that shows you exactly how to clear out all the toxic blocks, lies, and “rules” you’ve been taught so you can finally become the writer of your dreams.

Write more prolifically, joyfully, and confidently.


You’ve been living with the problems.

You’re overwhelmed with impostor syndrome, fear and perfectionism.

All you want to do is write but you procrastinate like crazy.

You know you’re talented and that you have amazing ideas and technique but you’re just stuck.

You want to connect with readers and make your family proud. But you’re in the same exact spot as last year.

You’re paralyzed by toxic lies.

You’re stuck in an endless cycle of stopping and starting.

Resentment is building and the burn out is overwhelming.

You’re ready to quit on yourself.

Now it’s time for solutions.

A live experience. A whole new way of thinking.

I’m Bethany and I’m a writer and editor. I’ve been helping writers for over thirteen years and one thing has become abundantly clear: so much of writing is done away from the computer! It’s in the daydreaming, the planning, the talking it out. It’s also in the emotions you bring to it and the way in which you understand and approach your creative process.

And that’s where I see so many writers get caught up. Because you can have all the great ideas, talent and ambition in the world. But if you’re not mentally and emotionally able to act on them, that’s when procrastination happens, self doubt, fear, and unworthiness. It’s debilitating, demoralizing and paralyzing.

And it can prevent you from ever becoming who you know you can truly be.

The writer of your dreams.

That’s why I created The Prolific Writer Roadmap. This is the system that got me writing again, actually finishing my stories, joyfully showing up at my computer, and best of all, I taught it to other writers and they had huge breakthroughs and ah-ha moments, too!

The cirriculum: effective, actionable, results-oriented

CLEAR AND RELEASE module is all about ridding yourself of the toxic lies, mindsets, and “rules” that are holding you back. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, like you’re in the same exact place as last year and the year before, this will be one of your most important modules. It’ll clear the road so you can start heading toward your dream destination.

BUILD AND RELEARN module is where we rebuild and repave, repower and revolutionize your mindset, habits and beliefs. You’ll learn how to truly nurture your creativity so you can write without fear

IGNITE YOUR STORY MAGIC module is putting the pedal to the metal. It’s where you’ll gain incredible confidence and clarity on who you are as a writer and unlock your aweome talent and potential

CREATE SUCCESS module is all about setting you up for not just this story or this moment in time, but for your entire life as a storyteller. You are the most important part of all your stories, and here is where you’ll discover the strategies that work best for YOU so you can write The End over, and over, and over again.


Class starts November 27 – December 18, 2022

I’m looking for a small group of awesome founding VIP students who want to learn how to write more prolifically, joyfully and confidently. This is the last – and only –  live round for the year. It’s three weeks of fun, breakthroughs, ah-ha moments and taking care of yourself. This is the course that will have that creative fire in your belly hot and bright once more.

Take a bet on you

End the year empowered, strong, and ready to write.

“…uplifting, inspiring, and insightful.”

Bethany’s course is uplifting, inspiring, and insightful! She has a fresh perspective on what it takes to create a compelling story, and how to put all of those pieces together into a solid story. Overall, it’s a great course that helps you capture the heart of your story and how to tell it in the best way.”

– Emily R.

“…my writing will never be the same thanks to this course.”

“Bethany is the best! Her wealth of knowledge and passion shines in this course any novice or experienced writer could benefit from. Bethany takes participants on a journey from within the writer, through the character, to the final destination of story, igniting creativity and confidence along the way. My writing will never be the same thanks to this course.”

Chrissy D.

“…increase my confidence”

“After I took Bethany’s Writer Map, I feel like I’ve grown as a writer. Bethany’s energy was contagious and helpful to increase my confidence. She helped me hone my skills and take them to the next level and the class tackled all the elements of the craft, even ones I didn’t know existed. I recommend it to everyone.”

Amelia S.

“…amazing at calming those little whispers in your head that says you can’t do something”

The best way I can describe Bethany as a teacher is that her energy is contagious, reaffirming and calm all wrapped into one. From the first sessions I had with her Bethany was amazing at calming those little whispers in your head that says you can’t do something and makes you focus on what matters: your writing and honing your own voice. Bethany really helped me cement my confidence in my writing and my voice. She really listens to your concerns and helps you work through them. She’s also very real with you, especially if you are BIPOC author trying to break into the industry about what it is like and the challenges you might face. Loved having Bethany as a teacher and would love to work with her again!

Jenna M.