Internationally-renowned psychic medium John Edward is coming to Pittsburgh tonight! I nearly died when I heard. (Apropos, considering.) I immediately reached out to his people and miracles of miracles, they reached back out to me. (Major major thanks to Alex, who was professional, kind and so very prompt with everything!)  Just HOURS after our first email, Alex was able to get me an interview with the man himself. And John was so awesome and nice. Definitely one of the coolest guys ever. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did


Hello Mr. Edward! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule to talk with me! So first things first: congratulations on the new addition to your family, Lucky! I saw a picture of your little white dog and she’s a beauty! So if we can, let’s talk about pets for just a moment. I’m a huge animal lover and I think it’s wonderful the work you do with animals. You wrote a wonderful, heartfelt post about your dog Jolie Bear, who sadly passed away. (I dare anyone to get through that post without crying!) You obviously believe animals are on the other side and can communicate with us (your beautiful story about the black spot and dream solidifies it! Chills!!), but can you talk about some great moments you had with communicating with people’s beloved fur babies?

Over the last 3 decades there have been many, many fur children and then some that have come through.  From a dolphin to an alpaca, a rat to a horse, where love is…love connects. My favorites are when I don’t even recognize that the energy is actually coming from an animal and think it’s a person. It always leads to a chuckle during a reading or an event.

Your tour is taking you all over the country, where you’ll meet thousands upon thousands of people who want to communicate with loved ones who have passed. What’s something you wish to say to the people who come to these events but don’t get called on? You once said that they are actually the receivers of the true lesson.

I say it at EVERY event and reading that the people who are supposed to come through will come through and those that are supposed to get the message will get it – sometimes whether they want it or not J. Thank you for your kind and generous words by the way. I also tell people that we need to communicate, appreciate and validate the people in our lives TODAY and not wait, because sometimes, many times, we don’t get a 2nd chance at that first opportunity.

 Do you find that there are particular cities more in tune with spirits and more accessible to you to communicate with them?

Not really… I can say that I personally resonate with some places more than others, but not spirit and energy.

This is not your first time in Pittsburgh, so welcome back! We’re known as the Steel City, but I hope that doesn’t mean there’s a steel barrier between you and the people who’ve crossed over! To kind of continue with the previous question, how would you define Pittsburgh’s vibe and what you feel from it?

I like Pittsburgh and the people are “real” like New Yorkers… down to earth and direct. I like that.  I always enjoy putting Pittsburgh on my schedule and I am considering doing more of my smaller group work there as well.

Wow, we would love that! In your May 2013 newsletter, you gave us a small insight into your “guides”, the invisible energies you work with. You say that you respect, revere and admire them…with a twinge of fear! That’s such an interesting line. Where do you think that fear comes from? Is it because there’s unpredictability to the work? Because you just don’t know what will happen?

Just think about that tough teacher you had in school. The one who didn’t really care if you liked him/her or not, but made sure that you were going to learn and not slack off during their class.  The one who wouldn’t just give out the hall pass so people could wander down the halls to the bathroom or would make you get a late pass when you were actually late. Accountability comes to mind. My guides have a no-nonsense and militant energy connected to them and they mean business.  I once, and I mean this, made a comment during my teen years that I wanted to be normal and wished for my psychic abilities to stop and it did. I had to apologize for it to kick back in. They showed me pure and simple… this is NOT about you – it must always be about the work. I never forgot that lesson.

Let’s take a moment and talk books! I’m a writer and have interviewed a ton of other writers. I adore and respect them. It’s hard work writing a book! You have written nine! Above and Beyond is your very e-serial novel, available to members of your group The Five. I DEVOURED One Last Time and am nearly finished with Fallen Masters. You are a very talented writer! What made you initially decide to write a book, and then continue writing them? And do you have any plans to publish any more books?

Thank you again, but truth be told, I always, ALWAYS work with other writers on all my projects. I have to give credit where its due, I actually do the writing, but the perfectionist in me has to have it worked and made better before I even submit it to the actual editor.  I enjoy writing and teaching and getting personal with people on that level – and fiction is my favorite. It’s a great way to reach out and teach folks about the world of energy, all while creating a world for it to happen in.

You talked about 2013 being the year of the tuning fork! It’s the tool that helps musicians make sure their instruments are in tune and like that, we are the instrument and we must make sure we’re in tune with our purpose and the world. How can a person best achieve their own perfect pitch?

Practice, practice practice!

Whenever a person sets out to learn something, we might have a pre-disposition or talent for it, but we have to hone it, and work on it as well.  The more energy and effort, reinforcement we put into our endeavors, the better we can become with them directly. When it comes to us as individuals, I am a big advocate of having your astrological chart done. This allows you to know who you are on a celestial level and can really see what you are made of, how you tick, and what the lessons you are here to learn. It helps you to understand the limitations and strengths as well as how to better handle situations.  A great tool.

You’re many things: father, son, husband, friend, psychic, author, and teacher. What is the one thing that blankets all of these areas of your life, one life lesson, and one main rule?

Leave people better than you find them. Most important.

Love that! What great words to live by! Finally John, since I can’t ever end an interview without asking: what is the best piece of advice you have been given, and what is the best lesson you have ever learned?

I think it’s the same… appreciate where you are at in life and enjoy today as it shapes tomorrow.

You have inspired and taught millions. Thank you for everything.

Thank you Bethany and good luck on all YOU DO!