How We Roll

Kindness only please!

Here on, it is all about feeling good, feeling safe, and positive vibes. I value each and everyone of you as readers so much and it’s incredibly important that I give you a great experience here. So no graphic images, no curse words or rants. This site is strictly motivation and inspiration.

I made this website because I love stories and want to share that with others who love them, too. So welcome, you dreamers and passion players, you souls who yearn for Narnia or Wonderland or both.

There is tons of valuable, free content on this site, from writing prompts to edit checklists to short stories, as well as a whole bunch of interviews with fantastic people and reviews on fantastic shows. I also offer editing services, links to my books, and several course trainings. I tell. And I sell. And my goal is always to motivate, inspire and entertain.

Trust is everything. I believe that firmly and with all of my heart. Much care goes into every word I write and I never endorse or promote anything I don’t 1000% believe in.