A Kiss Before Lying FAQs

The end of A Kiss Before Lying ends on such a cliffhanger! Will there be a sequel?

Yes! There is a sequel! It’s called A Dance Before Dying and will release November 2014.. It won’t be told from Derek or Victoria’s points of view, but it will feature a lot of the same characters and introduce many new ones. I’ll be posting updates, teasers, excerpts and more as we get closer to the date.

I loved Sabrina as a character. Will she get her own book?

Sabrina is a great character, isn’t she? I really enjoyed writing her. To be as tall as she is! (She’s 5’11.) To answer your question, yep! In fact, she already has her own book. It’s called A Smile before Crying and it takes place a few years before A Kiss Before Lying. It’s a companion novella, so I would highly highly highly recommend a person read A Kiss Before Lying before they tackle A Smile Before Crying.

Derek seemed to have a clear path in life he wanted to follow, but Victoria seemed satisfied being “taken care of.” Did she have bigger aspirations?

Derek is very determined and ambitious. He wants to do amazing things with his life. He comes from a very regular blue-collar background and isn’t afraid to do the hard work and put in the long hours. He knows what he wants and understands that to get it, it won’t be easy.

Victoria on the other hand, is very happy with where she is in life. She’d be content if it just carried on the way it’s going now forever. She’s young and healthy, she’s with the guy of her dreams, she lives in a gorgeous house. To her, everything is paradise. She has no intentions of leaving. She wants nothing to change.

Victoria and William at one point seemed close. What happened between them that caused William to become cold and distant?

I hate to do it to you, but I can’t answer that question. Not yet at least. Why? Because the answer shall be revealed in A Dance Before Dying.

Captain Pearce’s background is pretty shady. Are we going to learn more about him?

Shady backgrounds are my specialty. I love characters who are complex and have a lot more going on with them that what it seems. And to sort of echo the above answer….all will be revealed about Captain Jace Pearce in his A Dance Before Dying book.

Are you planning on writing books outside of the world you created in Unstoppable?

I am! In fact, I have a contemporary romance series that will release later this year. It features the Kennedy Family (no, not that one!) and the women who love them. Think beautiful boys, beautiful girls, animals and accents.

The world is such an interesting place in A Kiss Before Lying. It seems imminently possible. How did you come up with that?

I had one rule in mind when writing this book: I wanted it to hit the ground running and not stop. If I felt it got slow or a moment dragged, I cut it. If I thought that characters were taking too much time to get to the point, I deleted sentences and paragraphs until they spit it out. I wanted this book to be a ticking time bomb of a story, and I wanted the stakes to be life and death. Obviously, the laws we have right now aren’t as severe enough to really merit the fast-pace I wanted, so I created new laws…severe, unforgiving laws. Once I had that seed planted, everything else grew pretty organically.

Will you be going on tour for this book?

I’ll be making a few appearances but no, I won’t be going on tour for this book. At least not yet. ☺

The book is pretty steamy! Did you like writing the love scenes? 

Oh they were just another chapter. I didn’t dislike them, I didn’t love them. I just wanted them to be a little bit different, so I tried to vary the settings and the um…positions. But it was fun having Derek all hot and bothered. ☺