The Worst Witch

Briar Willowmay is the worst witch ever. Her familiar won’t listen, she can’t fly a broom, and she’s failing every class she’s in, including Potions and Spells. So while all of her friends are out flying around and cackling away, Briar is stuck at home.

Never one to feel too sorry for herserlf (just a small amount of sorry) she begins work on her Potions Class final project: the famed Love Potion Cupcake. To her surprise, she actually pulls ito ff.

Until her gorgeous neighbor, Archer Greylan, stops by. 

Until that same gorgeous neighbor sees that cupcake.

And eats it.

There goes Briar’s hope of an A+. And there goes her peaceul existence as she knows it. Because while Archer is a friend who she’s loved forever, this isn’t exactly how she wanted him to reciprocate. 

She really is the worst witch.