412 Write Club

412 Write Club. Talk About it!

A community that celebrates, commiserates and helps you unlock the story of your heart.

Life can be so busy! I hear you! And sometimes, you need all the help with accountability that you can get! Look no further! We’ll keep you on track.

Brainstorm, bounce ideas, share your favorite gifs and movie quotes. Find the perfect beta or two. And read along as we dive into the book of the month.

Writing a novel isn’t just about putting words on a page. It’s also about powering through all the doubts, loneliness and uncertainties that can come up during your process. It can feel like a long and silent journey but it doesn’t have to be. This club is here for you.

You wrote 30k words only to delete 29k of them! You thought you had the perfect plot twist only to hear from friends that they saw it comin’. Or maybe you finished your book! You finally wrote The End after five tough years. So whether it’s cheering for you or being a shoulder to cry on, 412 Write Club is your safe space.

The rules of Write Club are simple.

Kindness only! 412 Write Club is all about feeling good, feeling safe, and positive vibes. I value each and everyone of you so much and it’s incredibly important that I give you a great experience in the club. So no graphic images, no curse words or politics.

412 Write Club is a place to go when  you want to celebrate a success, commiserate a step back, or just throw out a research question. It’s a place to be creative and fill your cup and help others fill theirs. Basically, it’s a fun time. Expect lots of gifs, like the one below:

Who moderates 412 Write Club?

That would be moi. I check in frequently and though I may not be able to catch every comment or conversation, I’m definitely reading through! The live talks are also hosted by me! If you ever have a question or a problem, send me an email and I will respond.

I’m pretty shy. Is this something for me?

If you love stories, if you’re writing a story, if you want a safe space to share your love of stories and your own, then yes, 412 Write Club is for you. You don’t have to comment; you can absolutely lurk! But I’ve met so many wonderful friends through social media so I do encourage you to engage a bit. Start slow if you want to, and then take it from there. Remember my kindness only policy. Anyone who doesn’t adhere to that will be removed from the group, so don’t ever worry about being bullied.

If I don’t purchase anything from you, can I still sign up for 412 Write Club?

Absolutely. 412 Write Club was developed for anyone who has that creative fire in their belly who’s just dying to write the book of their heart. All authors welcome! All you have to do is sign up.

Is it okay if I’ve already written a book? Can I still sign up?

Definitely! All writers, regardless of age, gender or experience can sign up. Diversity is a wonderful thing!


  • Live trainings at least twice a month that will focus on various aspects of writing and publishing.
  • Interviews with the leaders in arts and entertainment that will only be available to the 412 Write Club.
  • Discounts and other promotions for editing and mentorship opportunities, as well as chances to have your work critiqued by me.

Don’t wait any longer! Join the group of Facebook and let’s get started!