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Review – Her Halloween Treat by Tiffany Reisz *Mild Spoilers

It’s a tiny little book. You could easily fit it into a small purse or even your jacket pocket. But don’t think for a second that the story inside is anything so quaint. In fact, Tiffany Riesz, she of the Original Sinners and Bourbon Thief fame, hits another home with this scintillating tale of second chances.

13445332_1046325835452706_8181934130022740667_nHer Halloween Treat is the story of a woman named Jolene ‘Joey” Silvia. She’s smart, cool and down on her luck in a way only a woman who has been unknowingly seeing a married man for two years can be. Basically, she feels like crap. However, her brother’s wedding (and her awesomely hysterical best friend, Kira) prevent her from pulling up the bed covers and hibernating until next year. Instead, Joey goes back home to Mt. Hood, Oregon for said wedding, a place as picturesque as you think it is. (Tiffany isn’t only great at making her characters jump off the page; she’s fantastic at her world building, crafting spaces and places that you can practically smell.) And it’s not long (about five pages) before she encounters a very sexy handyman, Chris Steffensen. Deeply compassionate, funny and patient (did I mention sexy…very sexy??) he’s the perfect foil for Joey’s broken heart. And while she may think he’s just a rebound, he definitely wants more. And oh, the ways he goes about convincing Joey he’s worth more…


I once asked Tiffany in an interview how she keeps things (like sex scenes) from getting repetitive in her stories, since she write so many. She answered that it all comes down to the psychology of the characters – that because they are so different (I think the only thing Chris and Kingsley have in common is the hard consonant sound at the beginning of their names…), their stories are so different.

This smart understanding of the dynamics of character psychology is what really makes Her Halloween Treat a…well…treat. The care that Tiffany takes with these stories is definitely on display here. The characters have real baggage, the conflict isn’t just some misunderstanding (Chapter 11 alone is a master class in escalating tension and stakes.) and the sex…it’s fun, it’s always so well-written…but it’s not there just to entice. (Unlike the gif I have posted above.) It moves the story forward, both in plot and character development. Tiffany is the queen of the well-crafted sex scene. She’s the queen of characters that move you. And she’s the queen of always delivering a book that never disappoints.

Her Halloween Treat is surely everyone’s treat. Thanks Tiffany!





































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