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Review – John Edward Live Show

It’s the third live show I’ve been to featuring John Edward. The man, the myth, the legend came to the Pittsburgh Hyatt Hotel and the large ballroom was packed. But this was no dimly lit, crystal-ball-on-a-table sort of seance. This was a lively, entertaining, many times laugh-out-loud funny night, with John standing as close to the edge of the stage as he possibly could be without falling over. It was as if he wanted to sit right with us, but because there were literally hundreds in the room, had to stand so everyone could see him. But he clearly wasn’t lording above us. He was right there with us.

11796452_1178441372173130_6571976514790608400_nAs always, the event started with a disclaimer by his hysterical though no nonsense cousin, Kat, who warned us that if we took any pictures or videos, she would scroll through our phone’s photos, save the most embarrassing ones, and mayhaps tweet them out later. She would surely look at them later and chuckle. But then she told us about what we can expect: five questions from the audience to open the show, the live reading from John, and then afterward, a special presentation for VIP members. (Highly recommend, not just for the chance to have another half hour with the man during live shows, but also for the really great Evolve channel he opens up to those VIP members on his website.)

And then the show began. Dressed casually in jeans and hoodie (with a nice surprise beneath….more on that later*…haha) he spoke fast but efficiently, not wasting a single breath. By my count, I believe eight or nine people got readings. Eerily accurate too, by the reactions of the people. They cried, they laughed, they could barely contain themselves as they kept nodding and agreeing that That’s my dad! That’s my mom! That’s my daughter! That’s my coworkers brother’s friend’s nephew! (Haha, the last one I made up. Sort of. John did really have someone’s coworker’s family come through. Mysterious ways and all that.)

While the reading were fun to witness, what makes John’s live readings so worthwhile is that even if you don’t get a read, you still get validation. You still get the validation that loved ones see us when we shop, when we sleep, when we’re walking down a church aisle. We still get validation that others who have passed are with our loved ones who’ve gone before. John says that the live shows actually aren’t for the people who get readings, it’s for the people who don’t. Truer words haven’t been spoken, because once you get a 10509719_928288040521799_2399160890832868579_nreading, (I can attest) you zone out, your focus is now so pulled from what John’s saying that you miss all the other messages. It happened to me during the second live show I was at. John was crazily accurate during my reading (my mom and I got goosebumps) I don’t think I tuned back into what he was saying until maybe forty minutes later. I missed a lot.

This time, I didn’t miss a thing. And I still got validation. And I felt so close to my uncle and everyone else who’s passed in my life. And it was still  a wonderful night. I left feeling good, because that’s ultimately the point of these shows. It’s not so John can flex his muscles and show off. It’s not so he can make us cry. (Oooh, and trust me, I did. When he read that a little doggy had come through….where’s the cry emoji!?!?!)  I haven’t asked him point blank, but based on everything I’ve seen and the times I have interviewed him, I can only imagine John does these shows so he can be the walking, talking, living example of words I’ve heard him speak more than once: he does these shows so he can leave people better than he found them. He doesn’t like to call his ability to connect to the other side a “gift”, and maybe it’s not. Then again, maybe he’s missing the point. Maybe it’s not what he can do that’s the real gift, but that he decides to share it.


*Oh, so the surprise…if anyone follows John on Twitter, they’ll know his thoughts on Marvel and DC and the myriad shows and movies associated with both. Lo and behold and much to my pleasant surprise, beneath the hoodie – which he proudly showed off – was a t-shirt with the Superman emblem. Loved it more than I can say! Not only that he’d wear such a shirt, but that he wore it for me! Told ya he loves his fans.


  1. John is wicked funny and so down to Earth. I find myself thinking back to events I have attended and chuckling over things that were relayed by those who came through. I have attended many sessions just to be part of the emotional and uplifting experience. I was honored to receive a reading last June – parents, grandparents and even great grandparents came through to acknowledge my younger sons wedding scheduled just days after the reading. What an unexpected surprise.
    Thank- you, John, for sharing your ability and insights with each of us and all of us.
    God Bless you.

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