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Interview – John Edward

Ah to be back in the interviewer’s seat once more. I love it I love it I love it! Iloveitiloveitiloveitgif

Today I’m interviewing a man who really needs no introduction. But for the very few uninitiated, here’s a run down:

John Edward has brought a fresh, honest and thought provoking attitude to the world of psychic phenomena. As a psychic medium, author and lecturer, he has, over the last 25 years, helped thousands with his uncanny ability to predict future events and communicate with those who have crossed over to the Other Side.

Since then, his clientele has ranged from young to old, student to professor, people of the clergy, law enforcement agencies and people from everyday life. His clients wait over two years to sit with him for private sessions, and although John is anxious to share his ability with those that need him, he is unwilling to compromise the quality of his work for the quantity that seek him out. He has captivated audiences worldwide.

On his internationally syndicated talk shows, Crossing Over with John Edward and John Edward Cross Country, he uses his unique abilities to connect people with loved ones who have passed on. Deeply compelling, often startling and occasionally humorous, John’s down-to-earth approach has earned him a vast and loyal following.

Today, John is one of the country’s foremost psychic mediums and author of the critically acclaimed New York Times best sellers One Last Time; What if God Were the Sun; Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories, After Life: Answers from the Other Side, Final Beginnings, Practical Praying: Using the Rosary to Enhance Your Life and Infinite Quest.His newest publication, Fallen Masters, a fiction novel, was released in September of 2012.*

Got all that? Good. Now on with the interview!


Hi John! Welcome back to the site today. It’s so good to chat with you again. So let’s just dive in, shall we?

It seems the whole world is full of very scary things right now – from mass shootings to bomb attacks. What do you say – perhaps, what can you say – to people who are scared and worried? You’re message is so positive and is a lot about good vibes and energy. How can a person maintain their good energy?

I think it is important to maintain a positive yet realistic approach to the world we live in. I constantly am looking at the Astrology of our planet to see what the energetic weather is – so I know “how” to dress my own energy – what lessons are there for all of us to learn from. Free will and choice are imperative.

Energy is such a mysterious thing. Let’s focus on that for a moment. So many people talk about how powerful energy can be, especially if you can harness it. In our last interview, you spoke about energy with such eloquence. This especially stood out to me: “We are as a consciousness vibrating at a certain frequency inside this thing we called a physical body – our vehicle…. The car… and the soul is the driver.  We have positive energy and negative energy on both sides of the veil.” What a wonderful sentiment! So how can we as the driver keep ourselves spiritually healthy and full of good energy? 

By being honest with ourselves. Honor what we are feeling in our daily lives, just don’t dwell on the negatives. It is sooooo easy to get stuck on the repetitive patterns of negative thoughts. I always honor my feelings… the good and the bad. I look to learn from them. I want to not have to deal with the situations that might have caused them, so I look at learning from them to NOT have to repeat them again. I am also a huge proponent of prayer and psychic self-defense.

You mention that we have energy on “both sides of the veil”. Can you elaborate on that? Do you mean that a person has two separate energies, as in waking energy is different than that of sleeping or dreaming energy? It’s all so fascinating! 🙂

I think we are energy. And we have to choose how we are programming that. Our energy is like a pool… our brain is our filter and our thoughts are the chemicals and we need to skim and vacuum daily to keep that water clean. We also need to establish healthy boundaries with our “pool” like a fence so people don’t just fall in, go for a swim, or yes… dare I say it… Pee in it.

Very vivid answer. 🙂 Okay, we simply must talk about the energy of the latest presidential campaign! You recently posted on Twitter (your timeline is so fun to read) a very interesting article from the Chicago Tribune. You mention “energetic strategy”. So my first question: are you at all surprised with the tone of the campaigns right now? Do you feel it was inevitable due to the troubles America is having, particularly with race and income inequality? Is the energy of America truly this volatile that the people who feel they can best represent us are people who are…let’s say…extremely complex and divisive?

I love Rex Huppke. He is probably who I retweeted. He keeps it real, yet with humor. There are moments though when you just need to look at the energetic patterns and say, “Wait a minute…forget your politics…. This is not humanitarian” and that can be applied to all candidates. My last newsletter kind of addressed some of the sentiments that I’ve politically been feeling, and I hit it head on dealing with the North Carolina bathroom-gate issues.

Yes, your newsletter is awesome! I highly recommend it. 🙂 In a very basic sense, to me, energetic strategy is sort of like the Golden Rule: treat others how you want to be treated. Would you say that that’s correct? If not, please correct me! If so, why do you think people have such a hard time with the Golden Rule? It seems so easy! 

Pretty much. Yes, I think ego and entitlement become the downfall of many… that and fear. Put them all together, and wow, you have a recipe for disaster… the perfect storm of chaos.

supergirl-the-flash-crossoverIt even seems like our movies have a pretty grim, dire energy to them! Batman v Superman comes to mind. You recently tweeted about that movie as well. (I agree, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is a pure wonder!!) Thank goodness we have Grant Gustin as the Flash, right? (Though to be fair, the cast of BvS are very talented and seem fantastic!) How much do you think what we watch, as well as what we listen to, affect our energies?

Can I just say, this is why I love being interviewed by you… you get me. Talking superheroes…. I think everything we watch affects our energies. That’s why I always say if a medical or pharmaceutical commercial comes on… MUTE it. Don’t let that energy into your mindset.

What a compliment! Thank you! I love interviewing you! So speaking of the Flash…how much did you enjoy the Super Girl cross over? There is something so fun and positive about both TV shows I am really loving. 🙂

The Flash is such a hopeful show… Supergirl too… and Calista Flockhart is badass as Kat Grant – always a message of empowerment thru her Ms. Feisty attitude… which I love

Okay, back to you! You’re coming to Pittsburgh in just a few weeks (link). Welcome back! You always seem to be having a good time here and the city definitely enjoys having you. For someone who’s never been to your live show (what are they thinking?!?!) what can they expect?

If they liked the show CROSSING OVER – its basically that live but better

Finally, tell us what’s next? What can we expect with your exclusive Evolve network, your books, your tour? Give us the details!

302011_287030467980896_1027100837_nMy goal is to develop EVOLVE into an online resource to help people learn more about themselves as being part of the collective community. They can check that out at – lots going on there in conjunction with Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks so much, John! It’s always such a pleasure. See you Tuesday!


*taken from John Edward official site

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