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Review – John Edward Live









I wrote about seeing John Edward’s show last year. Suffice to say, I loved it. I thought it was a really cool experience and John himself is a really fun and funny good guy. There’s an honesty to him which is refreshing. He’s got a great sense of humor. I especially loved his take on reincarnation. Hey, I’m in heaven now! Where’s my mom? Oh sorry, John. You just missed her.

Loved that. 🙂

But you guys probably know all this. Or, if you don’t, you can find a million people to attest to the fact that John is indeed a very cool, very funny good guy. So I thought I’d talk to you a minute about the live show, yes, but about what it’s like getting a reading from him. Because, to my utter shock, my mother and I were one of the people John read for. Read on.

You get chosen at random. Don’t think that John has plants in the audience because he doesn’t. My mother and I certainly were not plants. Had I known I would’ve been called upon by my family on the other side and had to stand up before six hundred people, I assure you, I would’ve worn make up. And tweezed my eyebrows. And brushed my hair better. This is not the point! Point is, there are no plants whatsoever in John’s audience.

So he started talking about a father’s wallet, and does anyone have their father’s wallet, or something of their father’s in their wallet. I looked over at my mother. Ding-ding, yes she does. But to be sure, we waited for John to say something else. And he does. And we know instantly that yes, he has definitely connected to the other side, and that connection is with my our family. My mother and I stand, John makes eye contact. My knees sort of start shaking. I’m handed a microphone and have a death grip on it. (No pun intended.)

And that’s when John works his magic. I shouldn’t call it magic, because it’s not. It’s a skill that he has honed for decades, much like a dancer would train and teach their bodies. He’s always had the natural ability to listen and feel and tap into an extraordinary sense, but he’s also never stopped growing and learning. It showed on Sunday. He was uncanny. Everything he said – and that’s not hyperbole – was accurate. He was so accurate, he described, down to the lamp in the hallway, the layout of my mother’s entire downstairs. He spoke of a male that passed, an uncle perhaps? Yes. Yes, my beloved uncle did recently pass, about a month ago. He asked if I could tell him about the person who just flew to California. Notice he didn’t ask me if a person flew to California. He already knew that. He wanted to know more. So I told him. And there were myriad other things that he got right, personal things that flabbergasted me when he was saying it, and still flabbergasts me even now, writing this review four days later.

John always says he likes to leave people better than he found them. Well, my mother and I have rock-solid faith, and we’ve always known our loved ones are happy and home. But it was so nice to have our faith manifested and turned into something we could share and experience and confirm. Because that’s what John does. He doesn’t pass along future lottery winning ticket numbers; he doesn’t warn you that you’ll meet a tall, dark-haired stranger. His gift is more subtle than that, and much better. His gift is letting us know, those who get read and especially those who do not, that our loved ones are with us. In our daily life, in our daily chores. John said things he couldn’t possibly know. But guess who would know? My uncle. My mother’s mother. It’s proof they’re with us. Not that we ever doubted.

John’s show was truly incredible. And while he was only in Pittsburgh for one day, I do hope that if you have the chance to see him, you go. His full schedule can be found here. Tickets can be found here.



  1. I love watching John read it always makes my heart and soul happy. I think connecting with your higher self and doing your true purpose brings out the best vibrations in those around you.

  2. I just saw John Edward on June 2 in New Orleans. I felt the same way. I am still amazed at his gift. I was so scared when that lady handed me the mic.

  3. dido! John Edward is one very accurate talented gifted human being! He is an extraordinary man! My loved ones have come thru to me many times through John! He has given me a gift no amount of money can buy!

  4. Bethany I agree with you 1000 % I started listening to John about 25 years ago when he would be on plj my favorite radio station I have read all his books and followed him on crossing over. I am also an evolve member. I went to see John twice once at Westbury and the other at the Tilden center I won tickets in a random evolve drawing. both times I was not read but hearing the stories of those who were read was just as heart warming for me

  5. I totally agree with you . Went to john’s show in Atlantict City .. I didn’t get read but totally enjoyed the experience. I have a picture with my mom at my grandsons baptism and she was standing there in her familiar clothes right by where you light your candles and she had been gone for 11 years.That was 21 years ago… .. Nothing and nobody could ever tell me it’s not possible to talk to our loved ones that have passed and John is wonderful at it…

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