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Review – The King

download (1)It’s no lie: I spent the past hour or so skimming The King for quotes or paragraphs that I found particularly striking. I began to type the best ones. And (this is the part where I’m not lying) I ended up typing a lot. I mean, a lot A LOT. I got to chapter ten and I realized I typed so much that it bordered on a free sample of the chapters themselves. (If you’d like to read a sample, you can find a great one here.) But I just couldn’t help myself. Tiffany Reisz, the mastermind behind the Original Sinners series, of which The King is book six, is, quite simply, a genius with prose. (We’ll get to her excellence at pacing and plotting in a minute.) So after some debate, I parred the list of incredible one-liners and great exchanges to these top five. And it was so hard to do! Trust me. When you read this book, you’ll understand how very very difficult the task is to pick a top five of incredible pieces of prose/dialogue out of The King. But for your reading pleasure, I did just that. In no particular order, they are:

“Why? You want to buy an hour with me? I’ll give you the friends-and-family discount.”

“I want to know what price you put on something I considered priceless.”

“Sex isn’t priceless.”

“It was with you.”

Kingsley’s stomach cramped from guilt and sorrow. Soren laid a hand on the top of Kingsley’s head.


“I like your bedroom. It’s cozy in a Gothic nightmare kind of way. Was V.C. Andrews your interior decorator?”


Kingsley would never know for certain what would have happened if they’d stayed together. The past was a corpse. He should stop trying to dig it up and reanimate it. He’d been clinging to it for years now because he had nothing else to hold on to. But now he had a vision, a dream, a hope for the future. And no matter what happened, he would see it come to life. whatever it took.


“This is fun,” Kingsley said. “You and me on the phone at night talking about girls. We should do this more often.”




Kingsley laughed as he hung up the phone. He laughed until he couldn’t laugh anymore. He laughed until he didn’t feel like laughing anymore.


“Even when you’re begging, it sounds like an order.”

“Would you rather I ordered you to help her?” Soren asked, stepping away from the window. “I can still play the game.”

“It was never a game to me.”

Soren turned and faced him, his eyes cold and steely. “No. It was never a game to me, either.”


Don’t you just love them? I mean, really love them? It’s the reason I reread Tiffany’s work so much. It’s like listening to a great piece of music. It never gets old.

But don’t think The King is only pretty words. This story isΒ a bromance, but still has some scorching love scenes in it. It’s a suspense tale but manages quite a number of laugh out loud moments. And it’s an erotic story but also showcases one of the best coming of age journeys I’ve read in a long time. It’s an origin story for a character who, at first draft, was just supposed to be a side character, someone talking from the shadows. Thank God for Tiffany changing her mind! Kingsley Edge, the hero of The King, is one of the most complex characters in literature. I know that the word complex gets tossed around a lot whenever you’re talking about characters, but no other word describes him. Well, actually, I guess a few other words would: sinful, sexy, crazy, funny, endearing, heartbreaking, dominant, demanding, manipulative, dangerous, hopeful, intelligent, tortured, loyal, passionate. And that’s all happening in chapter four. πŸ™‚

The King is a wonderful addition to a wonderful series. I highly recommend this book, though you’ll want to read the previous books to really get the full impact of the story. But trust me, reading Original Sinners books one through five will be no hardship at all.

Remember to check back all next week, as I continue with the I Heart Tiffany Reisz Books week. And if you haven’t already taken the quiz to see which Sinner you are, you can check it out here. πŸ™‚


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