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Review – Legally Blonde

The Civic Light Opera kicked off their summer season with Singin’ in the Rain and now they’re riding that feel good momentum into Legally Blonde, another cute crowd pleaser. It’s colorful, full of positivity and laughter and the two cutest dogs to ever grace the Benedum stage. See?


Director Charles Repole stages a brilliant production of the popular movie. It’s not a scene for scene adaptation (thank God) and he guides the cast through some really fun moments. Kathleen Elizabeth Monteleone plays Elle and she makes the character her own. There’s no Reese Witherspoon mimicry here. I love Reese Witherspoon, but Monteleone is perfect as the vivacious, kind-hearted but determined Elle. The only thing I wish about the character was that she had more big numbers! Monteleone’s voice is pure gold and it was a joy listening to.

Other stand out performances are Mamie Parris as Paulette (easily getting the biggest laughs of the night), Lara Hayhurst as Margot, Sarrah Strimel as the femme fatale fitness empress Brooke Wyndham, and Matthew Scott as lovable Emmet Forrest. The entire cast was perfect, bringing a ton of energy to the two hour show. And while they got some great applause at the end (standing ovation), the loudest cheers were for Chico the Chihuahua (Bruiser) and Nellie the bulldog (Rufus). They were adorable! I would say they’re worth the price of admission alone, but that’s not true. Seeing Jeff McLean as Warner Huntington III is worth the admission. Seeing Ken Land as the dastardly Professor Callahan is worth the price of admission. And laughing so hard you give yourself a sore throat is worth the price of admission.

I keep saying it and I’ll say it again: Legally Blonde is one of the funnest musicals you’ll see this summer. If you want an escape from the heat, from your monotone office, from your glass and chrome building, see the technicolor rainbow that is Legally Blonde.

Playing now through June 22, get your tickets here.


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