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Review – The Last Good Knight by Tiffany Reisz

I’m just going to dive right into this review:


1613828_603462566405704_384672533_nTiffany Reisz’s newest work, The Last Good Knight, which is told in five parts, follows our favorite famous dominatrix Nora Sutherlin. And it’s awesome. Let’s just throw that down right now. It’s fast-paced, funny as hell and sexy as sin. In the first part, Scars and Stripes (how about that word play?) we’re introduced to Nora and her good knight, Lance. The whole episode is vintage Sutherlin- flirty, funny and sexily forward. She’s not afraid to make her intentions known. And Lance, a delicious specimen of a man (I’m picturing Captain America here) is all for it. He is definitely able to stand toe to toe with Nora and handle her sharp wit. He’s able to handle a lot more than that, as Ms Reisz deftly and confidently showcases Nora and Lance’s first ahem…encounter.

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1962767_603462546405706_416367321_nOkay, episode 2, Sore Spots. This title fits the story perfectly. I mean, the chapter opens with Soren, Nora’s number one sore spot, and Kingsley Edge, who knows how to give number one sore spots. I love this unholy trinity and they immediately leap off the page. The exchange between Nora and Kingsley in the beginning was especially enjoyable. Tiffany Reisz definitely knows her characters, and knows how to bring out the most genuine and authentic voices of those characters. It makes for incredible entertainment. But not to be outdone, Lance comes back on the scene and this time, he’s not showing up for some fun in the uh, dungeon. He’s showing up because a stalker is on the loose – one who brutally attacked one of Kingsley’s ex-employees – and he has been assigned by Monsieur Edge to protect Nora. The set up of little Nora, who’s anything but helpless, being protected by big ol’ muscular, strong and sexy Lance, who is anything but timid, is wildly fun and filled with great tension. Hear that sizzle? That’s the sexual energy zinging all over every page.






10007438_603462486405712_612966136_nPart 3, The Games Destiny Plays. I don’t know how she does it, but Tiffany knows how to write sexy stories. I am a voracious romance reader (contemp, historical, erotica, BDSM, M/M, the list goes on.) I just love a good love story. When I find an author I like, I tend to DEVOUR their back list. And sometimes, the stories, especially the sex scenes, can get a little boring. In fact, many a’times I’ve just skipped right over them because they just seemed so…what’s the word…luke-warm. Plain. Oooh, I know! Vanilla!

I never ever ever ever have that issue with a Tiffany Reisz book. 2014 is the year of Reisz. She’s releasing 6 BOOKS and I’ve read half of them. (I’ve also read every novel and short story and deleted scene she’s written too.) Every story seems to shine a light on a new corner of Ms. Reisz’s world and imagination. It’s incredible to witness. The first part of The Games Destiny Plays features our Nora back with her Soren. And you might think, how many more sex scenes can you read featuring these two? Don’t they start to repeat stuff? Um, no. The answer to that would be no. Trust me. Every scene Nora and Soren are in, it just reveals more about themselves and their strengths and weaknesses as individuals as well as together. And since Reisz’s characters are so complex and multi-layered, there’s a LOT to explore. So congrats Tiffany, for always making your books such standouts. And speaking of which…

If you think Lance is just a flyby character, you couldn’t be more wrong. He’s a standout all his own. The way Nora and he interact is so different than the way any other characters interact. And what I love most about Lance is that he is a complete, wholly developed character full of all sorts of wonderful foibles and drama. I adore him. Part 3 certainly showcases him well. Oh, did I forget to mention that Lance is a sub? How rare that is, and in the hands of Tiffany Reisz, how wonderful. 🙂


1797495_603462549739039_683415755_nAnd now Part Four: Fit to Be Tied. Another great title. 🙂 And another great installment in The Last Good Knight. The stalker has been caught, which means the rules of Nora and Lance’s agreement have changed. I’ll say this about Part Four. It’s smoking hot. Get yourself a cold drink now and enjoy. 🙂

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1390760_603462536405707_205293438_nAnd now here we are, the last part of Tiffany Resiz’s five part series of The Last Good Knight. Aptly titled The Last Good Night, it really is for Nora and her hero, Lance. Circumstances have changed and so must their relationship and this, I swear, is where Tiffany shines the brightest. She is the master (mistress??) of heartache, of events beyond a person’s control, of choices that are never easy and are in fact, almost impossible to do, and yet, choices that do the most good in the end. The Last Good Knight has been a roller coaster ride from beginning to end. Just like when the ride is slowing and that inevitable moment arises when you know you’ll have to unbuckle and leave, you’re heart sort of drops in your chest. That’s what happens reading part five. You knew it had to end and yet, it still hurts nonetheless. Why? Because all the characters in this sharp, romantic and sexy novella have come alive, and you’ve fallen hard for them. You don’t want to say goodbye, not to Nora, Lance, Soren or Kinglsey. Not to Tiffany’s lyrical prose or her hysterical one-liners. Thank God for rereads, right?

All in all, The Last Good Knight is an exceptional addition to Tiffany Reisz’s impressive canon of work. And the work itself is a master class in conflict, world-building, high stakes and tension and, of course, sexual exploration. 2014 is the Year of Tiffany Reisz. I cannot wait to read what’s next!

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