POP QUIZ – Cora Carmack

307511_509105099133532_568967829_n (1)Today on Pop Quiz is the ever-awesome, incredible and super super great Cora Carmack. She’s an author of some of the most readable and enjoyable books I’ve read. Cora is a twenty-something writer who likes to write about twenty-something characters. And she’s so good at it, she’s both a New York Times and a USA Today bestselling author. But she’ll be the first to tell you she’s also a big nerd. Which is fabulous. I’m so excited she wanted to participate in this series. You can check out more about Cora here, and you can purchase all of her wonderful and funny books here.  Enjoy!


1. Which would you rather drink for the rest of your natural born life, pop or water?

pop, even though that would probably kill my kidneys

2. Which television show could you watch over and over and never get bored?


3. Team Marvel Comics or Team DC Comics?

Erm… Marvel? I’m a bit indifferent. Is that terrible?

4. If you could have any super hero save you, who would it be and why?

Can Harry Potter count as a super hero?

5. Which quote is the one you live by: “To thine own self be true”, “Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can.”, or “Draw me like one of your French girls.”

To thine own self be true. I’m a sucker for all things Shakespeare.

6. Which book best sums up your philosophies on life?

Ooo. That’s tough. Perhaps Looking for Alaska by John Green. Or The Awakening by Kate Chopin.

7. If you could bring any fictional person to life and ask him or her a question, who would it be and what would you ask?

Umm… this might be cheating, but Amelia Earheart. And naturally I’d ask her to tell me what happened to her. Not sure how you bring someone that’s never been found back to life, but MAGIC. Rules Schmules.

8. What is the most attractive quality in the opposite sex?


9. What is the least attractive quality in the opposite sex?


10. Which would you choose: being a billionaire at a job you hated or making $20,000 doing your life’s passion?

$20k doing my life’s passion. Been there, done that, not scared to do it again.

11. Define what the word “fear” means to you.

Fear is being trapped in an elevator filled with cockroaches.

12. Define what the word “happiness” means to you.

Happiness is a shot of tequila and good friends (and a good book before bed).

13. Which is more fulfilling: the moment of creating art, or the moment of sharing it with the world?

The moment of creating

14. Which is more difficult: the first rejection from an industry insider or the first negative review from your audience?

The first negative review. Definitely.

15. Is there anyone in your life that you love but are afraid to tell how you feel?

Nope. I’m fairly honest and open.

16. Who do you admire most in your professional life?

Someday I will have the discipline and focus of Jennifer L. Armentrout. Someday.

17. Who do you admire most in your personal life?

My mother. She constantly amazes me.

18. To be successful in your field, what traits do you think a person needs to have?

Creativity, determination, and the willingness to take a risk.

19. What motivates you most?

Hmm… I think most artists and writers to some extent are motivated by a desire to leave our mark on the world, to share our thoughts and our souls.

20. What will you be doing next?

I’m hard at work on my new Rusk University series (think a New Adult version of Friday Night Lights), but I’m also dabbling with another very humor-driven NA and an NA paranormal. Which of those will win out still remains to be seen.:)

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