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Interview – Tiffany Reisz Part III

authorphotoI’m actually extremely sad right now. It’s the last of my three part interview series with the AMAZING, AWESOME Tiffany Reisz, she of The Original Sinners fame. We’ve already discussed the characters. We’ve already discussed the writing. Now it’s time to look ahead and check out what’s coming up next for Tiffany. And that would be the White Years. I cannot wait! Especially after viewing a Google+ Chat last night with Tiffany and a bunch of other authors over at the Novel Tease, where she said that basically Kingsley’s story, The King, rocks everything. So follow her on Twitter, look up her two series, dozen and then some short stories, her sexy rom-com, two essays, and a graphic novel. (That graphic novel, by the way…wow. It sounds sooooo amazing!) It’s a lot of reading to tide you over until her next book, The Saint, comes out in May. But you’ll love every story. So now, onto the bittersweet last portion of the interview. Enjoy!



1. I cannot wait to read the White Years! I know the first will be The Saint, which I assume is about Søren. The second titled The King is, I assume about Kingsley. But that third one, that one on your website that says Untitled…it’s killing me! And the fourth book, The Sinner…well that could be any one of your characters! Can you tell us what we can expect in this new series?

You can expect to see our Sinners becoming themselves. We all have to start somewhere. In the Red Years, we see Kingsley and Nora are utterly devoted to Søren despite how difficult and fraught loving that man is. The prequels will show you the reasons why they’re so devoted to him. You see Nora and Søren fall in love in The Saint, Kingsley build his kingdom in The King, Nora start writing her books, and at in one book you’ll see Kingsley turning her into the Dominatrix she was born to be.

2. Writing sequels can be so hard! On more than one occasion, I’ve heard writers say that it only gets harder as the series goes on, and it’s especially difficult to write a sophomore book. This is your sophomore series! How has it been going for you? Any surprises along the way?

The real surprise of the White Years books has been how fun they are to write. The King especially was a hoot. Life sharpens a person’s edges, years make a person older, wiser, often more cynical, more world-weary. In the White Years, Kingsley, Søren and Nora are much younger than their Red Years selves and are more playful, more light-hearted.

3. One of your favorite writers is one of mine: Shakespeare! I believe his oft-used quote is rather apt for you: To thine own self be true. You are definitely true and your characters are definitely true. But can you tease us a bit and let us know if there are any major surprises in store for us in the White Years?


Lots of surprises in The White Years. You’ll learn the origin of the name “The 8th Circle” and no, it’s not what you expect. You’ll see flashbacks of Kingsley and Søren’s time together at school, you’ll discover where Nora got her name, and why she owes both Søren and Kingsley her life. You’ll read Nora losing her virginity to Søren, Kingsley revealing a dark secret he keeps even from himself, and you might just meet Søren’s mother (you also meet his baby sister Claire who is hilarious). You’re gonna love The White Years, I promise.

Also, you’ll never guess who The Saint is.

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