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POP QUIZ – Tammara Webber

2012 03 18 - blogToday on POP QUIZ is one of my favorite authors, Tammara Webber. She’s the prolific writer of such NA masterpieces like Easy – which is also one of my favorite books. Reading Easy was oh so easy. I think I devoured it in about two hours. When I finished that story, I just had to find out more about the woman who created it. And she’s awesome. Her blog is a treasure trove for readers and writers alike, You can follow her on Twitter and like her on Facebook. She’s so accessible to her fans, which is wonderful. And I’m so glad she said yes to be a part of POP QUIZ. Enjoy!



1. Which would you rather drink for the rest of your natural born life, pop or water? 

Water – I don’t drink pop. That said, I would be very upset without coffee, and everyone around me would be upset for the 2-3 weeks it would take to get through coffee rehab.

2. Which television show could you watch over and over and never get bored? 

I wouldn’t say never – because everything gets boring eventually, but the only television shows I’ve purchased were Lost and Friends. I rewatch Friends episodes occasionally. Still funny.

3. Team Marvel Comics or Team DC Comics?

My husband (self-proclaimed comic-book-geek as a teenager) says MARVEL, so I’m going with that.

4. If you could have any super hero save you, who would it be and why? 

Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls, because she kicks ASS and isn’t afraid to be mean. When you’re being saved, mean is good in a savior!

5. Which quote is the one you live by: “To thine own self be true”, “Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can.”, or “Draw me like one of your French girls.”

Definitely “To thine own self be true”

6. Which book best sums up your philosophies on life? 

I can’t imagine a single book living up to that, to be honest. My philosophies on life are constantly being refined, so I love to discover something in a book that adds to my knowledge of self or others, or that sums up my own feelings on small things perfectly. Those discoveries are magical moments in reading.

7. If you could bring any fictional person to life and ask him or her a question, who would it be and what would you ask? 

The first character that popped in my head was Reid Alexander and “Can you just sit there and look pretty?” I think with writers, you have to tell us up front if we’re expected to think of other people’s characters, because we can’t help thinking of our own first – they’re real to us! Barring Reid… probably Elizabeth Bennet. I’d buy her a couple margaritas and ask her how the honeymoon was. 🙂

8. What is the most attractive quality in the opposite sex? 

Paying attention. To me, to the road, to the feelings of others, to his own physical and intellectual development…

9. What is the least attractive quality in the opposite sex? 

Talking down to me. That’s a big NO and buh-bye.

10. Which would you choose: being a billionaire at a job you hated or making $20,000 doing your life’s passion? 

Billionaire at a job I hated just long enough to bank it and QUIT. (I’m also one of those people who would use my third wish asking for more wishes.)

11. Define what the word “fear” means to you. 

Fear is usually nothing more than an emotion based on past experiences, and the past should only rule decisions about the future so far. Fear is the opportunity to show courage.

12. Define what the word “happiness” means to you. 

Happiness is the extreme edge of contentment, a place where everything comes together perfectly in one moment. I strive for contentment, and try to appreciate those fleeting moments of happiness – because they’re always fleeting. They have to be.

13. Which is more fulfilling: the moment of creating art, or the moment of sharing it with the world? 

Creating it.

14. Which is more difficult: the first rejection from an industry insider or the first negative review from your audience? 

Both are a rejection of what feels true to the artist. I don’t read reviews of my books, and I no longer care what industry insiders think of what I do – unless their success depends on mine – ie: unless they’re paying me – in which case I’ll listen, but I expect them to listen, too. I’m willing to find points of compromise, but I’m not afraid to argue if I really believe I’m right. I’ve reached a place where if I’m proud of something I’ve written, nothing anyone says will take that feeling from me. If I begin paying too much attention to what other people think/want from me, I’m no longer creating from inside myself, and my “art” loses meaning. I’m not going to let that happen.

15. Is there anyone in your life that you love but are afraid to tell how you feel? 

No. If I feel it, I show it.

16. Who do you admire most in your professional life?

17. Who do you admire most in your personal life?

18. To be successful in your field, what traits do you think a person needs to have? 

No such thing. Writers come in many forms and personalities. For instance, some people say you need to develop a hard shell to deal with reviews and such. But I’m introverted and sensitive – I accepted this about myself a long time ago, and frankly, that’s where my personal ability to create originates. “Having a hard shell” is not gonna happen for me. So I don’t read reviews. I have trusted critique partners (other writers), beta readers and editors – all of them very different people – and I listen carefully to all of their feedback (especially if two or more of them say the same thing). They in turn know they can give me ANY feedback, positive or negative, as long as they aren’t cruel.

19. What motivates you most? 

I assume we’re talking about writing motivation here, not motivation to get up or maintain friendships or be tough or be a better human being. I used to live by the phrase: “Nothing motivates me like the last minute”… but I’ve been trying to move away from that. When I returned to college in my 30s, I stayed very organized and ahead as much as possible. My favorite fortune cookie ever says: “Little and often makes much.” That is pretty much the truest thing ever. I’m learning not to wait for motivation, but to start work and let the excitement and motivation kick in. It pretty much always does.

20. What will you be doing next? 

Writing more NA stuff.


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