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Review | John Edward

600577_610340062316600_955757622_nJohn Edward is a funny man. When I went to see his show last night at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in the airport, I hadn’t expected him to be so funny. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t like he was performing or trying to be Jim Carrey. He just had a way of saying just the right thing at just the right time and in just the right way. Timing, you see, was everything last night. And John’s timing – whether on purpose or just happy happenstance – was perfect.

Let’s face it, you go into a John Edward show with a certain expectation: you expect it’ll be emotional, it’ll be intense, it’ll be full of goose-bump moments. And it was. Let me reiterate. John’s show was so impressive that I wish I had worn a parka for how many chills I got during the duration. But just when he would be giving a reading that was too spot-on to be anything but real, just when I thought I’d die from the emotion lodging itself in my chest, John would go and say the most charming thing and have the whole audience laughing,

and I mean really laughing, from the gut. (See? Perfect timing.) And it was like we could all breathe again. I mean, we were still all crying. But we could breathe again. And our minds could function again and we could listen to the simple lesson being taught all our lives and highlighted so wonderfully for those two and a half hours John was able to open up to us: The people who’ve crossed over are with us. They are happy. And there’s nothing to fear.

And I believe him. When John said that the clank, clank, clank sound in the kitchen was this woman’s mother, I believed him. When John said that a crossed over sister would be at the wedding, I believed him. And when he told the family to reach out to the best friend they no longer talk to because a family member told him it was very important, I believed him. He wasn’t tentatively asking a family. He was adamantly telling them, factually, what was being shown to him, what he was feeling. And the families didn’t fall in line, like they were on a witness stand and their attorney was leading them to the right answer. They were gasping, eyes wide, hands to chest, at what he was telling them. It was like they were thinking of a stream of numbers, from one to infinity, and John was able to pick out that exact chain. Seriously, there were times he seemed more mind-reader than medium. And he didn’t just do a huge cover-all reading, as if throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing what stuck. God, the military couldn’t have sharper radar. John would literally point to people in the audience, his field covering maybe four people. That’s how accurate he was. That’s how specific.

He certainly has a gift, though he’d be the first one to tell you it’s not about the medium. And you know what? It’s true. He’s like a compass: he’s pointing north or south, but forces much bigger than him are directing the needle. And I think everyone that night understood just how powerful those winds are, and how ever present, even when we can’t always feel them.


  1. Bethany, I was also there last night and although I have always believed in him, this truly confirmed my beliefs. I have seen all of how Crossing Over shows and it’s a shame that we never really got to see his sense of humor! He was funny but so was his cousin, Katrina. She had us laughing and at ease from the very beginning!!

  2. Bethany: Tell me more about it! He was on Dr. Phil’s show. I wish he could cross over for me with some of my deceased loved ones.

  3. Such a spot on review! In a room full of hundreds of people I’m touched by how he is so simply human and honest in his interactions that I was left feeling like he spoke only to me, when he never actually directly spoke to me!

  4. I was there too & actually drove 14 hours to Queens, NY back in 2002 where they handed out little blue pouches with a Kleenex pouch and it was much needed! I was a basket case all day yesterday, talking to my Dad not caring who saw me “talking to myself” begging him to come through. Think that’s what bothers me most is we read each other’s minds without speaking & although all 4 of my children say our house has Spirits & blames me for it…once again, I’m the only one who doesn’t experience it, really wish I understood how I don’t dream (other than the 1st mth after my Dad’s passing and it wasn’t as if he was speaking to me, I just couldn’t let go) or he hasn’t come through for me. Last night was fantastic, I didn’t join “The Five” again because I would have felt terrible telling my 88 yr old mother she would have to leave & it served no purpose for me to sign her up when she wouldn’t use a computer or modern cell. I’m glad you both got out of it what we were meant to….I’m so happy for those who were read & just keep telling myself they had a greater need. Hope we can get him here again soon in 2014 : )

    • Wow, that’s awesome you drove that distance! Very cool. šŸ™‚ It’s so funny you mentioned the Kleenex. The minute he started, I turned to my mom and said how I should’ve brought Kleenex. I needed it that night!

  5. That’s the best review of a event I’ve ever read! Thanks Bethany for sharing your experience and for having the words to tell what a experience it is to witness life changing messages from the other side. John and Katrina are truly special and I’m proud to be a part of the learning experience each and every week on the “Evolve” webcast. Every Sunday morning my family and I share smile, tears, but most of all I hope they know we are all still connected. Again thank you Bethany your review was a perfect explanation of what a evening with JE and Katrina brings.

  6. Bethany, I was read at John’s show in Halifax and I am still in shock! He was so spot on on everything he told us, it was truly amazing!! My daughter, who went with me, was not familiar with John and was so taken with John’s easy going manner and how really funny he was. He put on a great show and touched so many in the audience with his off the cuff comments and how much he cared about people in general. In Halifax he spent a lot of time with a young girl who had just lost her Mom and he could see she could have been a victim, but he stressed to her to be an adventurer and pursue her dreams.

  7. This is an amazing summary. He was fabulous and anyone who has communicated with spirit would completely be comforted in the clarity in which he describes the experience and ways to define this gift. He is a amazing spirit himself.

  8. I was there. It was an amazing experience and I am so happy I had the opportunity to go. John was wonderful šŸ™‚

  9. I was at the show in Pittsburgh and it was the first time I’d ever seen John and I was truly moved by the events of the night! Of course I went there at the hopes I would hear from my family that has passed over although I didn’t receive a reading I felt like I did. I cried each time he gave someone a reading and watched as they connected with their loved ones. I went to the event alone because I couldn’t find anyone who was willing to pay the ticket price to go with me. I met two ladies they were sisters who offered me to sit with them. the seat we decided to sit was just in front of the family who had a reading about the grandmas bra.. It seem he read everyone close to me just didn’t pick me. The girl in that families name was Jennifer and so is mine and then when John ask about who committed suicide my heart skipped a beat because my oldest brother committed suicide and I’ve lived with the unknown for 25 years. Since I lost him I’ve lost my mom a sister and another brother my question was are they together I just wanted to know.. But didn’t get chance to ask and I’m fine with that because i did leave there feeling a little bit of peace! I look forward to seeing John again. He is so personal and fun to watch he isn’t serious but then he can be when needed.. He is the real deal for anyone who remotely questions his ability..

    • Oh I know! I was telling my friends about him and I just couldn’t stress enough that he is the real deal! He was too spot on!

    • Oh my gosh! That family was one row ahead of us, and the other family in the back who had been read at another event was just a few rows behind us. Each time, he began saying things that applied to what occurred within my own family, and I’d raise my hand, but he didn’t see it. Then seemed another would stand up. My hub is a cancer specialist. I just lost my entire family and needed them SO much. My husband, a skeptic, is now a believer after last night. Wanted to ask if there are those who have “crossed over” are tugging on John, and some stronger pushing through. It would be nice to spread it around, especially if you have been fortunate enough to have already had a reading. I loved John, but find myself feeling as though my entire family did not want to come through…and asking myself, why did they all leave me, here alone? My young sis, my other sis, my dad, my bro-in-law of 44 yrs. just last month. And cousin hung himself, and the “chest” sis had copd and cancer..the toxins, etc.the bra thing even applied to my mom and something I’d gone through trying to find one for her for a wedding. .There was so much more that applied to my exact situation. Am in grief therapy and I know my passed family is alright. Thing is, I am not alright. I didn’t get to say goodbye to my rock, my only remaining sister who passed on my birthday this year. And I cannot imagine living the rest of my life without all of them. We’d even do a private reading, but there’a sort of lottery for that. Joined “the 5,”….but still, it’s a lottery. The event was beautiful and sometimes funny, but I feel so abandoned by my entire family who has passed. Or were they trying and others plummeted through? It’s what I wanted to ask when I raised my hand. I’m an RN, and have seen things that are inexplicable. This is for me, to be able to move on. I’ve lost my own “intuition” etc. as a result of something my late sister said to me…and the validation is something I am desperate for in order to move on. He’s the real deal, there is no doubt. And he is so funny.

  10. I saw John Edward several years ago. and all I can say is he’s the real deal! amazing accuracy, caring about the person he is giving the information to, and your right about the timing! it is stop on. I have learned allot of John Edwards. I would love to see him again. love and light to all, Kathy D

  11. Bethany – spot on! I have seen him a few times on Long Island @ the Westbury Music Fair – he is so funny!! You described the experience perfectly! And each time I attend, I’m amazed at what he has to say, the messages that come through and his wit makes me laugh every time!

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