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What’s in a Name? II

As a follow up to my post on naming characters, there is another thing to consider, and possibly the biggest […]

What’s In a Name?

I’m working on a brand-spanking new story and I’m at base camp one.  The bottom.  The outline process.  I’m at […]


I think I may have said this before, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out what to […]

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Tigers and Tissues

Great news! Earlier this year, World Wildlife Fund launched a campaign asking 20 retailers to remove Paseo toilet paper from […]

Interview | Janice Hardy

Janice Hardy is a brilliant writer. She’s written one of the most complex, entertaining trilogies in recent years called The […]

Review | Tarzan

  I’ll keep this short and sweet: I saw the Disney movie Tarzan when it first hit theaters back in, […]

Interview One | Peter Knapp

I first became aware of Park Literary agent Peter Knapp during WriteonCon 2012.  (What a great conference, by the way.  Big shout […]

Interview | Devin Ilaw

  Another interview from the Les Mis dream team!  Devin Ilaw sang “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” for his college […]

Interview – Ellen Oh

I came to know Ellen Oh through fellow author Marie Lu’s Twitter feed.  I checked out Ellen’s website and fell […]