As a follow up to my post on naming characters, there is another thing to consider, and possibly the biggest thing too.  (How could I have forgotten!?!)

Some names are evocative.  They just conjure up a certain picture or feeling. They make you think ew or oh or yes!  For instance, personally, when I see the following names, I think:

*Bertha – large woman

*Elizabeth – classy, grand dame

*Blaze – rebel

*Kate – upperclass white girl

*Igor – large Russian

*Elmer – Old guy

*Adam – Young guy

*Chaz – Young guy who likes to throw parties

See what I’m saying?  Make sure when choosing names for your heroes and heroines and all the characters in between, you don’t inadvertently name them something that so totally juxtaposes their role – unless of course, you’re aiming for that.  I’m a big romance novel fan and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put a book down due to the hero’s name.  Dick Fairyfeather??  Yeah…I’m not reading a book about a guy named Dick Fairyfeather.

So be careful with your names!  Really think about them!  And most of all, really love them.  I will never be able to write about a guy named Vinnie no matter how evocative or whatever the meaning behind it is simply because it’s not one of my favorite names.