I think I may have said this before, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out what to title my newest story.  It’s gone through several incarnations but none seem right.  I’ve tried one-word titles, phrase titles, song titles.  Nothing.  I adore the title “Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” but sadly, it has absolutely no bearing on what my manuscript is about.  No devil.  No sea.  Definitely no devil AND sea.  I like the title “All He Ever Wanted” but it doesn’t really capture the tone of the story either.  I want something more active and present.

I’m in the end zone of edits and have been putting off titling it for some time now.  I think, however, today will be the day I hunker down and not get up until I find a title.

Some people think the title isn’t important in the grand scheme of things – especially if, as they believe, the publishing house will just change it later.  And while it’s true that most times, a book title does go through changes, it’s still so important to have that title that best represents the work.

Maybe if I wasn’t so obsessed with Marvel lately, I wouldn’t be having this problem.