2017 was a difficult year for me, as I’m sure it was for a lot of people. Full of stress and uncertainty, if life was a chess game, I was a pawn. Easily moved, not in control, no power, always in danger of being wiped off the board.

I knew I had to take action this year and be FOCUSED and FOR REAL about it. No more false starts or empty promises or “I’ll do it tomorrow” mentality. I’ve been “doing things tomorrow” for years and trust me, things were not getting done that way. Seriously, I finally got so sick and tired, I knew I had to do something. I mean, it was even affecting my writing. I couldn’t concentrate, I’d zone out, I felt like the ideas that usually banged around in my head so noisily were suddenly, staggeringly mute. So yeah…action was required. I started moving. I started eating better. And lo and behold, I lost about 30 pounds. And I gained back 10 pounds.

And now the pain is creeping back in, too.

Clearly, a  big area of my life I MUST make change in is my health. I’m 33 years old and hate to admit it, but I had gotten so unhealthy over the last few years that I was actually having crazy amounts of pain from basically head to toe. My feet, my knees, my hip. (Oh my hip!) My back, my shoulders, my neck, my head. And despite all this miserable pain, I still was an exalted Excuse Maker. (King Slayer aint got nothing on Excuse Maker.) 


But no more. Today is the day. I can’t continue on living the same 24 hours, repeating the same mistakes, having the same tired conversations with friends and family.

I want to change – I NEED to change – more than I need to stay the same.

So if you’re feeling like me, if the time has come, then do it. Jump, leap, fly. Fall, tumble, fail. But do it. Stop being the pawn. Hell, don’t even be the Queen. Because as one of my favorite authors says, there is one person stronger than both Queen and King combined.

The person who moves the pieces.

It’s time to move the pieces of our lives. It’s time take our fears and pain and powerlessness and say Checkmate. The King is dead. Long live dreams and freedom. 👑 👸🏻