Hey guys!

So a couple big announcements.

1. The print edition of Unstoppable is now available through Amazon! And to celebrate, I’m having a contest on my Facebook page. When I get up to 150 likes, I’ll give away a copy to one lucky follower. :)

2. The print edition of Irreversible will be out in May! The minute it’s available, I’ll be sure to let you know!


And now a huge announcement:

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Short Hello and Title of Show!

Hey guys!

I know it’s been quiet on the site lately and I have an excellent reason for that, which I can tell you about in like, two weeks. But just know that I have not forgotten you and I’ll have a ton of new content very shortly. To steal an oft used line (with my own modification),

Remember Remember the First of November!

Trust me, you’ll want to check back then. :)

In the meantime, check out the details below about a great new play being performed by the awesome Company of Pittsburgh.


[title of show]

The Company of Pittsburgh concludes its premiere season with the Tony Award-nominated musical [title of show]. Building off the momentum of its critically acclaimed production of Man of La Mancha, The Company takes its turn at deconstructing this quirky, heartfelt musical. The production opens on November 7th at 7:30 pm and runs through November 16th, at the Grey Box Theater in Pittsburgh.¬† It is directed by Associate Artistic Director Nick B. Mitchell, who directed The Company’s debut production of The Last Five Years last November.

[title of show] chronicles the trials of self-expression of two New York City theater nobodies, named Hunter and Jeff, who decide to write a completely original musical starring themselves and their two talented actress friends, Susan and Heidi. The musical chronicles the quartets’ bittersweet, humorous and challenging journey from inception to opening night. Over the course of their experiences, they learn to be true to themselves and each other, growing closer together as an artistic family and preserving their artistic integrity.

The production stars veteran Pittsburgh musical theater actress, Christine Laitta (I Love You, You’re Perfect Now Change, CLO Cabaret) as Susan. Jim Scriven (Dora, the Explorer! Live!) stars as Jeff and Chad Elder (Avenue Q, Stage 62) stars as Hunter. Jodi Gage (Lady Windemere in Lady Windemere’s Fan, PICT) rounds out the quartet as Heidi.

The Company’s intimate production features musical direction by Douglas Levine, who also appears as the show’s onstage pianist Larry, and choreography by Kristiann Menotiades.

Tickets are available starting October 1 by visiting ShowClix and are $20 for adults and $12 for students.


A couple updates for you guys:

1. All new interviews will finally start to get posted next week!

2. All new reviews of books, movies and theater shows will be posted next week too!

3. Next week is obviously a big deal.

4. And um….I think I may be posting this Man of Steel/editing thing I thought of yesterday. Maybe. I dunno. It’s kinda crazy. But we’ll see!

5. The photo on this post is actually not where I live anymore. It was taken YEARS ago! Look how little my cats were!