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Animal Round Up

So what’s happening around the web for animals today? Well, let’s start the day by this incredible heart-tugging pic. Love it! And it’s so true!

Sure, the dairy industry has released some interesting photos for a new milk campaign, but how about the story behind the story? Mercy for Animals released its own campaign, which exposes some of the horrific cruelty that takes place on dairy farms. Not for the faint of heart.

Here’s something interesting. PETA just released 8 reasons why animal testing isn’t any good.

Okay, change of pace! something extremely awesome now. 27 dogs who are guaranteed to make you smile. Thanks Buzzfeed!

Okay, I always say knowledge is power, especially when helping those who are powerless. And one of my favorite people, Leonardo DiCaprio, seems to really get that. He just donated 3m to Oceana. As if I couldn’t love him enough!

And finally, remember the news from Sochi about the stray dogs? Well here’s a great follow up.

Alright guys, it’s a short Round Up today. See you next Friday! And remember, for the most up to date info (about animals, my books, my interviews etc.) follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook.

Happy weekend!