PMTDavis Wayne…what can I say about Davis Wayne that Josh Reardon has not already said????  Well, I guess I can add that he’s got a great smile and uses it often…like the Force.  Speaking of which…I totally forced him to sing Santa Fe from the Newsies musical and he sounded incredible.  Great, powerful voice.  Loved it!  If that’s how he sounds without a warm up and totally on the spot, I can’t wait to hear how he sounds as the Prince in this week’s opening night of Cinderella.

Davis was such a fun interview.  Happy reading!

1. You play the Prince, and I can imagine that playing such a good character can be a bit limiting.  Disney animators always say it’s difficult to draw the hero because they’re just so good and they come with certain preconceived notions.  Has it been difficult constructing this character?  What are you doing to make it yours?

-It has been somewhat difficult to develop a character, however, I am able to use the animations as a resource for the basis of my character and then build the rest from there. Also, there is the aspect of artistic freedom. I am able to make my own choices, but if my choice is not the idea Colleen has in her head, she will ask me to make another choice.

2.  What’s the most surprising thing you’ve discovered about your character?

-Throughout my study of this character, I think the most interesting thing is that he is royalty and expected to act “snooty”, but he is just a regular guy. The prince always wants to please people, such as his mother or the townspeople, despite the struggles of his own life?

3. How is it acting with your fellow Prince?

-I LOVE working with Josh Reardon. We are actually planning on playing racquetball some time…. we haven’t the first clue about how to play but I think it’ll be fun.

4. You’re character is believes in love and wants to find true love.  How do you feel about those topics?

–  To quote Aquamarine.. “Love is the closest thing we have to magic”

5. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

– Acting romantic?? Cuddling? Not much to tell the truth

6. How are you enjoying working with your Cinderellas, Rosemary and Katie?

– It amazing working with Katie. We’ve known each other forever and I think we have great chemistry which makes it so easy to work with her.

7. It’s such a young cast and everyone has such marvelous energy.  Describe an average day at the studio.

– You walk in the doors and suddenly you feel at home. I generally arrive at PMT around 12:30 every day and i stay here till 9:00 or later. The building is quiet until the transitions kids show up. The halls are full of music and singing. In any studio, someone is always practicing something. People dancing in the halls…essentially it is the Fame school.

8. Okay, let’s switch gears a moment.  You’re a young actor.  You’re in a field that has certain, shall we say, stereotypes.  Is it difficult being a young male singer and actor?  Have you ever been bullied or ostracized for being in this profession?  And if so, what’s your advice?  How do you overcome things like that, and not let people like that affect you?

– When I was in grade school, I was just about the only kid who was different. I was the only short kid who didn’t play football. I was the short kid with long hair in theater. When I got to high school, around my sophomore year, people started to accept me more. People respected my lifestyle, and in fact they were actually a tad jealous. I think that everyone wants to do this (theater) but not everyone can. And if you do.. then follow your dreams and they will envy you. Also I think I lucked out having my school be close to the city, people are more accepting of everything. There’s still a lot of hate… just. less. But to anyone being teased… ignore them. You’ll grow up to be on Broadway.. and they’ll just be jealous.

9. Pittsburgh Musical Theater seems like such a fun, warm and nurturing environment for actors.  Tell me about your experience with them. 

-I have experienced many different performing arts schools and I finally found my home at PMT. The people at PMT are so supportive and kind, and they truly help you grow into a well rounded performer.

10. Finally, my end question to every interview: tell me some advice you have for the people reading this interview that want to act and break into the theater community in Pittsburgh?

-DO IT!! Pittsburgh needs more theater, and more support for theater. If theater is what you love.. then do it. That is the only way you will be happy. Also, people who have never experienced theater should try it. The thing about theater inPittsburghis that basically the only support it has are other performers, or when Les Mis or other big name shows roll in to town. People need to experience more to truly appreciate it.