I HATE winter! And it’s not even because of the slush or ice or shoveling snow or high heat bills. Don’t get me wrong; those definitely factor into the decision. But I truly hate winter because I can’t bear thinking about all the little animals (and big animals) that suffer in the extreme cold. Here in Western PA, I think we had wind chills that made it feel like it was -19 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Way to chilly for me, and definitely too chilly for our animal friends. I especially can’t cope when I see little cat paw prints in the snow and I just know that they’re freezing. *sobs forever

One of the things I always do in order to help as many cats as I can stay warm during the winter is build a feral cat house. It’s easy and pretty cheap. Last year I lucked out because I bought a new TV and the Styrofoam packaging actually worked perfectly as cat house insulation. So I only ended up paying the cost of the container, which I think was $12. The year before that, I did buy a big pile of straw from my local hardware store and that was only $7. So not only is this project totally worthwhile and can help a cat survive the winter, it’s pretty cheap, too.

This is the exact link I read and the instructions I used. Good luck!

Cost: $10-$20 (depending on container)

Time: 15 minutes tops

Helping a cat who is outside in miserable cold through no fault of his/her own: Priceless