Choose your hard.
I never really thought about that expression before, but as I start 2018 off, I am being as purposeful and laser-focused as I can be. I’m setting my goals but also my intentions. I’m planning big things but also executing small steps.
And it’s hard. Have you ever tried to seriously change your life? Or how about just X out a bad habit? Or maybe develop a better one? Do you try to stop cold turkey, or do you ease into it?
My guess is, no matter how you tackle change, there are times when it is HARD. Harder than expected, harder than you thought…and you knew that shiz was gon’ be hard!
But…all these hard times and those seemingly impossible steps…remember what they’re toward. Think of it this way:
Imagine that your car is seriously filthy, muddy all over. And you only have a bucket of soapy water and a rag. Now, it’s going to be a PAIN IN THE BOOTAY getting that car cleaned with your water and rag. It’ll take work, sweat, effort and time.
OR…you can just get in and drive. Hope your windshield wipers are strong enough to get some of the grime away. But guess what? You may have avoided the work of washing the car, but trust me. It’s still going to be HARD trying to drive that sucker without hitting something or ending up in a ditch or getting pulled over as a safety hazard!
Both of these decisions (washing the car or navigating blind), will require hard work. Different types of hard, but still hard. Both of these decisions will have an outcome. Now which outcome do you choose?
Choose your hard. Share your hustle. Show your work. And always remember whatchya working toward. And make sure you have someone awesome to go with you.
*For the sake of my car analogy, there aren’t any car washes anywhere. In fact, you’re broke. You can’t even afford the car wash. And you can’t hire someone else to wash the car for you, either. Yeah…I know what you’re all thinking. 😉