Brainstorming & Guidance

Sometimes, the hardest part of writing is just getting started. Trust me, I know! Dozens upon dozens of questions can bombard your brain.

Who’s the story about?

What’s the story about?

Who’s the love interest?

Does there need to be a love interest?

What’s a love interest?

Why a love interest?

Genre? Anyone? 

Where is the chocolate?

What are words?

First, take a deep breath and set down your panic! This feeling of overwhelm is totally natural and there ain’t no shame in that game. Writing is a tricky business, in that you can feel great for the first day, and then feel like the biggest fraud on earth the second day. You get this incredible idea and you love it and then…

You don’t. 

Like I said, I get you. It’s why I’m offering Writer’s Block. It’s a phone call with moi and we will discuss your story, I’ll answer any q’s you may have, I’ll ask you q’s to help open up some new creative pathways you might not have considered. And then there’s homework! And then there’s a Google doc! We will combat your writer’s block together!

Here’s all the details!


The Writer’s Block package is a one hour phone call with me so we can talk through your story and figure out where it needs to start  and finish and flesh out who it’s going to follow. You’ll then get a homework assignment to help you focus in on that plot. Afterwards, we’ll go over it in a shared Google doc that we will work on simultaneously together for another hour. Ah, technology.

  • There is no exchange of manuscript. 
  • Cost is $200.
  • The cost must be paid in full at the time of booking.