Hi there!

I’m Bethany. It’s so nice to meet you!.

It’s Pitch Wars time and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this AMAZING community again! Seriously, I’ve been looking forward to this all year! Alright, enough with the chit chat. Let’s dive right in. 🙂

What’s it all about, Alfi?

My story, Kings & Vagabonds, is a dark YA fantasy retelling of the classic Dorian Gray tale.

Quick blurb:  A new boy. A new wish. A new painting. Tallis Oberylin never imagined the wish would come true. But when his best friend and lover turns monstrous, he knows he has to fight him or die trying. In a world where magic flows free as blood, there’s only one thing greater than pleasure. Power. 

I like to say it’s Dorian Gray meets Vicious by way of Lady Gaga – expect magic, madness, glitter and glam. It’s a whip crack of a book that hits hard and leaves you burning.

M/M romance + boarding schools + magic + disability representation + morally gray characters + everyone is someone’s villain  + creepy forests + nighttime market places + complex family relationshps

What to expect.

Kissing boys! Lovers turned to enemies! Broken promises and secret wishes! LGBTQ rep and interracial romance! Magic, murder, gods and goddesses. Boarding schools and nighttime marketplaces that sell bottles to capture your soul and gemstones to steal your memories. 

Who to expect

A boy with sculpted lips and violet eyes. A living appetite, a coiled weapon.

A lover with an artist’s soul and a generous heart.

A nightmare girl whose power could bring down heavens.

A best friend with pearls on her fingers and hearts in her teeth.


Okay first, this image is scary. Why do I do this to myself?

Alright, my story does NOT take place in America, but it is heavily inspired by the country right now. In my world, magic is the new money, and if you ain’t born with it, you’re eating dirt for dinner. The gap between extreme wealth and extreme poverty is wide and unforgiving; corruption rots every level of power; and desperation from the masses has calcified into a burning, hungry anger that’s met with even more fiery violence.

Comp Titles & Characters

At it’s core, Kings and Vagabonds is a descent into darkness story with a lead that can’t help but fall for the dark side. However! Like Jean Gray and her awesome phoenix powers, there’s a part of him that fights this darkness (and a lover in particular who fights with him). The question is, much like the tormented Adelina Amouteru and Xifeng discovered, how long can you fight the demons inside you? And in a world where it seems that only demons can win, do you want to?

If you enjoyed the immersive worlds of Julie C. Dao, Marie Lu and Leigh Bardugo, you will absolutely love my story.

What I’m looking for in a mentor.

I’m looking for a pusher, Cady. A pusher.

Someone who will tell me the hard truths but with emojis and cat gifs and a Britney meme tossed in for good measure. Someone who will say “yeah, delete these words and these and these.” 

I’m looking for someone who will make me flex writing muscles I didn’t even know I had, who will help me see the flaws in the writing and the holes in the plot. I’m ready to work.

You mentors are all awesome. I know how carefully you’re all vetted and I trust you! Basically, I want someone (or someones) to say, “good job, Bethany! You get all the cupcakes! And none for Gretchen Weiners.

Who I am.

Scorpio. 90s girl. Slytherclaw. Disney obsessed and Marvel fan girl. #Stucky is my jam, I’m more a Charles than an Eric and Tom Holland is the best Spiderman. (Me + hill = die on it.)

I definitely miss my original Light Brite as well as my Hungry Hungry Hippos game. (Those things were huge back then!) I grew up playing Hunter, King of the Hill, Red Rover Red Rover and many other death-defying games with my older bro and the three boys next door. But don’t worry. In my mind, I was either Xena or Catwoman so I gave as good as I got. 

I have a family of SIXTEEN (many adopted) and am the proud mama to two cats and two dogs. Oh and I met Fabio once.

My mentee style.

Hard working. Efficient. Communicative. Disciplined. Single-Ladies mindset ie I’m not married to anything in my story. I know you’re here to help make it better and I am SOOOOO grateful. I want to make my story better with you. 

Oh Pitch Wars. So good to be back.