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Review | The Girl Is Trouble

I devoured this book.  Kathryn Miller Haines’s newest release, The Girl Is Trouble, which will be released this Tuesday July 3, is a breezy read full of fascinating characters and plot twists that raised my eyebrow many a’times.  I’m pretty good at seeing things coming, and there was stuff in this story that totally shocked me.  In a great way. What else is great about this book:?  The characters.  Absolutely the characters.  Heroine Iris Anderson is well-rounded, realistic, and someone you can easily cheer for.  She’s up against almost incomprehensible odds and yet she remains as sly and intelligent...

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Interview | Sherry Thomas

A good book can be thrilling, from the moment you open the cover to the time you turn the last page. It can be heartbreaking, funny, amusing, and exciting. An author can scare you half to death or make you fall in love with someone not even real. And sometimes, an author can write a book so lovely, so wonderful, that once you finish it, you think, “wow. I just lost a best friend.” Such was the case with author Sherry Thomas’s debut book, Private Arrangements.  That story left me feeling bereft after reading the last page. I had...

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Interview | Kathryn Miller Haines

I met Kathryn Miller Haines a few months ago at the Women Read/Women Write conference.  She was articulate and funny and had some of the best advice to offer writers ever.  When I first started this site and was thinking about wonderful Pittsburgh people to interview, she immediately sprang to mind.  A quick email later and voila!  Here we are!  An interview with Ms. Haines herself. During our email exchanges, Kathryn was just as great as I remembered.  And, considering she’s gearing up for a big promotional push for her newest release, she was really fast in responding to...

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Interview | Michael Karas

Michael Karas has been my friend for oh, about a decade and a half.  Something like that.  A really long time.  I remember when I first met him at Rogers CAPA (he was a drama major, I was a dance major) so long ago and thinking he had the PRETTIEST eyes I’d ever seen.  I remember thinking that he was one of the bravest performers I’ve ever met.  And just recently, as I sent another round of texts to a boy who’s been in my life since before I even knew what a boy was, I thought to myself:...

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Interview | Jeaniene Frost

One of the most important professional influences in my life is a woman named Jeaniene Frost.  She is a New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author of the Night Huntress series and the Night Huntress World novels. To date, foreign rights for her novels have sold to nineteen different countries!  Her books are violent, entertaining, laugh-out-loud funny and oh so sexy.  (Her newest book, Once Burned, which releases June 26, is very much the same.) And Jeaniene herself is kind, warm-hearted, laugh-out-loud funny, and oh so sexy too. 🙂  She was, in fact, one of the very first people I interviewed...

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