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The One With All The Chess Metaphors

2017 was a difficult year for me, as I’m sure it was for a lot of people. Full of stress and uncertainty, if life was a chess game, I was a pawn. Easily moved, not in control, no power, always in danger of being wiped off the board. I knew I had to take action this year and be FOCUSED and FOR REAL about it. No more false starts or empty promises or “I’ll do it tomorrow” mentality. I’ve been “doing things tomorrow” for years and trust me, things were not getting done that way. Seriously, I finally got...

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Books Are Coming!

Hey guys! I have so so many books coming up for you guys. I’m putting the finishing touches on one, outlining two others, and I’m re-editing some short stories. 2018 is going to be a very busy year for me and I couldn’t be more excited! More details to come! Just the Way You Are – Contemporary Romance 80% Valentine’s Day Short Story 93% As Long As You Love Me – Contemporary Romance 45% Thanksgiving Short Story 25% YA Fantasy Retelling...

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How We Do Things

here’s the deal KINDNESS ONLY, PLEASE! Here on, it is all about feeling good, feeling safe, and positive vibes. I value each and everyone of you as readers so much and it’s incredibly important that I give you a great experience here. So no graphic images, no curse words or rants. This site is strictly motivation and inspiration. love I made this website because I love stories and want to share that with others who love them, too. So welcome you dreamers and passion players, you souls who yearn for Narnia or Wonderland or both. sell & tell...

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How To | Feral Cat house

I HATE winter! And it’s not even because of the slush or ice or shoveling snow or high heat bills. Don’t get me wrong; those definitely factor into the decision. But I truly hate winter because I can’t bear thinking about all the little animals (and big animals) that suffer in the extreme cold. Here in Western PA, I think we had wind chills that made it feel like it was -19 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Way to chilly for me, and definitely too chilly for our animal friends. I especially can’t cope when I see little cat paw prints...

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