About Me (The Fun Stuff)

I like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens just as much as the next person. But I also adore curling up on my couch and sleeping. I love going to musicals and movies and as an almost vegan, I love finding great vegan/vegetarian-friendly restaurants. I once took a personality quiz and it said that I was, at heart, an eight year old boy. So there’s that. As for some other things you should know about…

Edward & Bolitar

I have two black cats, my devilish hungry hippos. I also have two sweet dogs, but because of said devilish fattys, they currently reside at my parents’ house.

i’m hungry

Speaking of animals, I’m pretty sure Rolly is my Spirit Animal. I’m about 80% vegan, so my go to kitchen snacks are rice and uh, rice. And ummmm….rice.

music of the heart

Leo Salonga has the most beautiful voice in the world. Joshua Bell is my favorite violinist. Jeremy Jordan is my top male vocalist and a good, slow, bittersweet Disney song will always make my heart hurt. When you’re the best of friends, havin’ so much fun together – *Cries FOREVER!


I am very good at making tofu delicious.


I have a VERY large family. I can easily choreograph the So Long, Farewell song from Sound of Music and still have kids left over for the audience. And yes, I have done this. My family is pretty much the reason I do everything, and no one can make me laugh harder than my younger brother Zach.


I am a huge MCU fan. Cap is my favorite, especially with his long bouncy hair, and I will beat you in trivia. I am not emotionally, mentally or spiritually prepared for Infinity War. If Cap dies….

i am zuul!

If you think I won’t have Zuul dog statues in front of my house, you don’t know me after all.

A good meme

This is one of my favorite things ever.

first crush

John Lennon was my first crush ever, followed by Jack Dawson, Michael Corleone, Spot Collins, Prince Caspian and so so many more. *faints

i feel pretty, oh so pretty

I ADORE makeup! I love so many YouTube gurus and the Kevyn Aucoin book, Making Faces was my beauty bible growing up. Weirdly, for how much I love makeup, I never wear it that often.