I just want to clarify something: Flashback Friday interviews are OLD interviews.  I’m posting them because they’ve just been sitting on my computer and I thought it’d be interesting and a bit entertaining to dust them off and get them out of archives.   I adore these interviews because the people who were so kind to let me ask them questions so early in my career are awesome and I learned a lot.  My education as a writer started with interviews like the ones I did the Jeaniene Frost and Sherry Thomas and Kristin Nelson.

The advice in these interviews are good and smart and should be taken.  (Kristin’s advice on queries….good advice!)  But, let me stress that these interviews are still from awhile ago, sometimes even years ago.  I think my interview with Jeaniene Frost took place in 2008!  So please, especially if you are a writer looking for query guidelines or agency sales or who represents who, etc., please read my Flashback interviews and enjoy them but know there are more current interviews and information out there.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting an interview I did with Stephen Barbara.  At the time, Stephen worked at the Donald Maass Agency.  But a quick Google search will now tell you he works at Foundry Literary and Media.

See what I mean?

So again, thank you for reading my Flashback Friday series.  But remember, at this point, they’re mostly for entertainment.  So do your research, check out more up to date interviews (cause they’re out there) and good luck!