“…unusual, surprising, and unforgettable. Intensely romantic, fast-paced, suspenseful– this book is a must read!”

“A KISS BEFORE LYING is the perfect title for this book not only for the theme, but for the quick pace; I read it in one sitting. This is definitely an author to watch!”

“This book will keep you up until 3am because it is that impossible to put down. Do yourself a favor and get it– KISS hits hard and fast, and doesn’t let up until the final page’s TKO.”

“A KISS BEFORE LYING has it all…tension, suspense, and riveting twists and turns. This debut New Adult novel is an entertaining ride that will have you on the edge of your seat till the very last scene!”

“You aren’t going to have a better opportunity to experience a thrilling, fast paced, roller coaster ride without going to an amusement park!”

Kiss Final


Deeply romantic and breathlessly paced, A Kiss Before Lying is a Romeo and Juliet love story set in a world of danger, intrigue, passion and secrets. Full of neck-snapping plot twists and bone-melting sensuality, readers have called it a “must read”.

Derek Archer has been in love with Victoria King since the moment he met her. As he works toward graduating from med school, his thoughts are firmly on the future: a new apartment, the perfect job, a life with Victoria. But when tragedy strikes close to home, he realizes just how fragile that future actually is. Suddenly, he and Victoria are thrust into a perilous journey facing impossible odds, where neither are sure they’ll emerge unscathed.  It’s then, with everything hanging in the balance, they realize how deadly a kiss can be before lying.

*mature content warning: adult situations, violence, language and sexual situations

*previously published as “Unstoppable”


Victoria’s arms come around me, lithe and strong against my neck. Water droplets roll from her hairline to the curve of her chin. Her entire body glistens. She kisses me, the heat from her mouth curling all the way down to my center. The tip of her tongue strokes past the seam of my lips, opening them with one easy little slide. The water gently laps at our bodies. Weightless and floating, I feel as if I’m in a dream.

Victoria has that effect on me.

She breathes between kisses. “Do I have you to myself now?”

Sighing, I move my mouth to her ear. “For now.

“No. All day.”


She pulls away from me. “You like staring at bodies more than you like touching them.”

“What?” I ask, highly amused.

“It’s true,” she says, swimming to the other side of the pool. I follow after her with my own long, measured strokes. “You spend all your days looking at your stupid digitals, figuring out which bone is connected to which bone. You stare at photos of naked people. You memorize every line of them.” She frowns at me. “I want you to memorize my lines.”

I grab her wrist and turn her to face me. I run my hands down her wet body, her skin as slippery as ice but definitely not cold. I kiss her again, then bite her lower lip gently. I lick the corner of her mouth. I bury my face against the side of her neck and squeeze my arms around her even tighter, loving her body pressed to mine.

“I dream about your body,” I say. “I fantasize about your body.”

Victoria’s moan gets caught in the strands of my hair; I can feel the vibrations roll throughout my head. They make me drunk and dizzy in ways I am only ever with Victoria. I rock my hips against hers, and this time it’s me that moans, the sound landing right in the curve of her ear. She shivers, and her body moves up and down.

Her arms tighten around me. Her legs wind around my waist. I move my lips from her neck back to her mouth. She tastes good. Really good.

Somehow, we’ve floated to the wall of the deepest section in the pool. Her back bumps against it, trapping my hands against the hard cement and her pliant body. I grip her waist and hoist her up to the edge. From her hips to her outer thighs to the curves of her knees and all the way to her shapely calves, I run my hands along her skin. I squeeze the arches of her feet. Then, looking straight into her eyes, I kiss the inside of her left knee.

Vastus medialis.”

Victoria smiles.

I swim forward a bit, opening her legs until I am right between them. I kiss her farther up and whisper against her skin, “Gracillis.”

Bracing myself on either side of her legs, I hoist myself out of the pool. Victoria scoots back a bit, propping herself up on her elbows. The cement bites into my knees but I hardly notice. Then again, raised above a smiling, dripping wet Victoria, I don’t think I’d notice a gun to my temple.


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