Unstoppable and Irreversible Updates

I’ve got to start thinking of better titles for these posts.

Okay, so the Unstoppable update: I’ve been working on page proofs for the last few days and I sent the (hopefully) final round of edits back and it will all be accepted and great and the print book will officially go on sale in March. That is the hope. We’ll see if it becomes the reality. :)

As for Irreversible. Well, Irreversible is going a bit slower than I’d like. I finished the first draft in a mad one-day dash, but, as usual, the editing of the thing has me stumped. No, not stumped. Just going so slowly it only feels like I’m stumped. Seriously, the second draft of any story is always THE HARDEST for me. First is great. Easy and breezy. Third is wonderful because that’s when I can really start to see the story come alive. Fourth draft (and yep, I usually need them) is more for the cosmetic stuff ie making that kiss just as tad more sexy, making that silence a bit more awkward. Y’know, fourth drafts are the fun, fine-tuning stuff.

Second drafts however, are the WORST! That’s when I have to take a clump of letters that make up anywhere from 85,000 to 150,000 words and chisel and carve and mold them into some semblance of order and narrative. I have to somehow infuse actual emotion into scenes that are flatter than flat and make suspense out of dialogue that’s as cliche as can be. Second drafts are sooooo hard and so much work. And it’s also the point in the writing process where I tend to eat my weight in chocolate and/or Skittles.

Second drafts are not a good time for me.

And right now, I’m working on the second draft.

Which, come hell or high water, will be done tonight. (Because it has to be. Because my deadline to turn in the COMPLETED, full story to my editor is Friday.)

So wish me luck. And until then, happy reading!

Oh, and look out for the cover copy this week for, officially: The Second Story in the Truth and Love Series: Irreversible. (Cause yep, my book has a series title after all.)

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