2 Day Intensive Workshop

  • I start a story but can’t finish!
  • I have a million ideas but have no idea what to do with them!
  • I want to be a writer but I’m not sure I’m any good. 
  • I have an idea. Now what?
  • What are words?
  • What’s a plot, again?
  • I’m so confused.
  • How do I structure my story?
  • But how do I write a character like Zuko? Or Dark Phoenix? Or Peter Pan? I love Peter Pan!

If any of this has you nodding or saying “yep!” then do I have the solution for you!

It’s no secret that writing a story is hard work. It’s maddening and frustrating and because it really is a solo sport, you have no idea if you’re even on the right track! How often have you found yourself sitting alone at your dining room table or office desk, the computer on and a Word doc open in front of you, and you’re just like, “this can’t be right!” But you continue on anyway. You type your one thousand or two thousand or even five thousand words for the day only to discover…

You weren’t right!  Your lead heroine is a caricature! Your plot is dragging and oh so boring. What happened to all of your beautiful world building? Why isn’t the image in your mind coming across on the page?

Yep. I know your pain and struggle. I know it well. But after almost twelve years in the publishing industry, first as an arts and entertainment writer and now as a fiction author and editor, I have learned a thing or two about how to best sidestep those writerly landmines. It’s no fun when one of those things blows up in your face, which is why I created this two day intensive workshop. 

Give me these two days and you’ll write with more clarity and confidence.

Look, I think stories are the most important thing in the world. They tie humanity together, they show us humanity. A well-written story can change the course of history. But they’re still really difficult to write! Sometimes, it’s just so much easier keeping it all locked up in your head, never moving beyond the outlining stage. (Even that part can be hard, too!) But! As Emanuel Schikaneder said to Mozart in the movie Amadeus: “Write it down, please. Just write it down on paper. It’s no good to anybody in your head.”

This is so true. If you have a story that you’re dying to tell, then it deserves a chance to live outside of your noggin. Someone could very well need it. But also, you deserve to have it live outside of your noggin, too.. 

And my live two day workshop will help you do just that. Let your story live. Let your story shine. Let your story connect.

So what’s the workshop like? I’m so glad you asked. Well first, this is a live workshop with a lot of visuals and exercises to showcase the lessons. It’s at the Brookline Teen Outreach Center in Pittsburgh, which is an awesome building and program that gives support to the teens of the area. Below you’ll find an overview of what you can expect in the workshop, followed by what you can expect from the workshop.  It’ll be a highly-focused, intensive two days, but my main goal is for you to always have a good time and leave with more confidence in writing than when you came in.

Without further ado:


  • Entry into the private Facebook group where I visit often for Q&A’s, writing sessions, and book parties and giveaway
  • All workbooks and fun sheets emailed to you so you can have them for future reference
  • 15% code off of any editing services you may purchase from me in the future

To sum up!

This workshop is designed for fiction writers. I promise a good time. (There will be snacks, after all!) It’ll be a safe space to ask questions and create, as well as meet new people and perhaps find that critique partner you’ve been missing. BUT REMEMBER! You must register during the open enrollment period of October 1 – 16, 2018 by emailing bethany.hensel (at) gmail.com. There will be no registrations allowed at the door. Also, space is limited because we have so much to cover and to ensure we can get to it all, plus have time for questions, I have to keep this group small. Now, as for the fee to all this writing goodness:


That’s it. For the live workshop over two days, plus the critique of the first 10 pages of your manuscript, plus all the bonuses listed above, plus some other surprises, it’s all only $45. (I say “only’. I know it can be a lot of money to some of you. Please email me if payment plans need to be arranged.)

I’m so looking forward to meeting you! If you have any questions, definitely get in touch at bethany.hensel (at) gmail.com

Happy writing!

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