A Sweet Thing

SI NewA daring dream. An ambitious plan. A blue-eyed beauty and a dark-haired devil. In the town of Silver Lake, anything is possible.

Layla Ellison dreams big, even if her reality is less than thrilling. She’s twenty-eight years old, her bank account is empty, and she hasn’t been on a date in two years. But she never loses sight of what she wants most: to have her own bakery. When she finds out that the storefront she always wanted is up for sale in her idyllic hometown of Silver Lake, she knows she must be the one who buys it. The problem: no bank will approve her for a loan. The solution: come up with the money—all eighty-thousand dollars of it—and buy it outright.

It seems impossible, but with the help of some friends, Layla embarks on a forty-seven day journey full of outrageous jobs and hysterical dilemmas—including one with a man as gorgeous as he is irresistible. But with everything on the line, will Layla buckle under the pressure, or can she make it happen?

An uplifting tale of hope, friendship and determination, Sweetly Irresistible, the debut book in the Taking Chances series, proves that chasing your dreams—and falling in love—really are the sweetest things of all.

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